Model GT2454F 
Manufacturer Kawasaki
Name FR 730V
Net Power 24 HP V-Twin
Fuel Volume (L) 15
Drive Line
Transmission Type K66ELD (Hydrostatic Electric/switched rear diff lock)
Transmission Manufacturer Tuff Torq
Speed Forward, Max (km/h) 12
Cutting Deck
Cutting Width (inches) 54
Cut Height, Min - Max (inches) 1.5 - 4
Cutting Deck Type / Gauge Fabricated Clear Cut/10 ga Steel
Blade Spindle Type Cast Iron
Seat Type Premium
Front Tyre Size (inches) 16.5 / 6.5
Rear Tyre Size (inches) 23 x 10.5 - 12
Warranty 3 Year Consumer3 Year Consumer - 3 Year Engine/2 Year Transmission (engine/transmission covered by respective manufacturer)

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GT2454F Riding Lawn Mower

This garden tractor will be your garden workhorse. With that large Fabricated High Performance cutting deck, Heavy Duty Differential Lock Transmission and Kawasaki V-twin engine, it will not shy away from any task you might be facing, It will help you carry them out fast. Add an easy to install bagger or mulch kit for added versatility.

GT2454F Features

Kawasaki engine

Redmax Kawasaki Enine

Kawasaki engines offer smooth, quiet, reliable power. Heavy-duty components offer long life and electric start is standard.

Hydrostatic differential lock transmission

Redmax Pedal Operated Transmission

The pedal operated hydrostatic transmission offers a smooth, variable forward and reverse speed while the electric/switched locking rear differential increases traction while cutting on slopes or wet grass.

Electric blade engagement

Redmax Blade Engagement

Easy engagement of cutting blades, simply pull the switch on the control panel.

Cast iron front axle

Redmax Front Axle

Heavy cast iron front axle provides superior balance and stability, even with a collector.

Fabricated high performance cutting deck

Redmax Cutting Deck

The new fabricated design features welded 10 gauge steel construction with additional welded reinforcement strips for maximum durability.

Hour meter with service indicator

Hour Meter

Indicates when it’s time to service your mower.

Cruise control

Redmax Cruise Control

Allows the tractor to maintain consistent speed, even in rough terrain.

Brushguard bumper

Redmax Brushguard Bumper

Tough, rugged looking brushguard bumper protects the hood of the tractor.

Wide premium rear tires

Wide premium tires provide a smoother, more comfortable ride and less turf compaction

Cast Iron Spindle Housings

Redmax Deck Spindle

Greasable rugged cast iron blade housings are built for durability and feature ball bearing spindle support.

Hour meter with service minder

Hour Meter

Indicates when it’s time to service your zero turn.

Large fuel tank with easy access fuel cap, sight gauge and reserve

Redmax Fuel Tank

Refueling of the large fuel tank is easily done as it doesn’t require engine hood to be opened.

Extra robust steel chassis

Redmax Steel Chsassis

Built on a extra robust steel chassis, ensuring maximum durability and sturdiness.

Premium seat with armrests and extra high back

Redmax High Back Set

Comfortable Premium seat with extra high back and armrests. The seat is self-draining and can be tipped to protect it from rain.