Model EXZ260S-PH 
Maxtreme Multi Tool
Displacement (cc) 25.4
Power Output (kw) 0.94
Dry Weight with Trimmer Head (kg) 5.5
Handle Type Loop Handle
Warranty - Commercial/Domestic 2 Year/5 Year

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Maxtreme Multi Tool

The RedMax Maxtreme Multi Tool has our patented Strato-Charged engine technology, combined with a solid-steel drive shaft that is splined on both ends (which reduces vibration as well as improving acceleration). The Maxtreme Multi Tool can be combined with any of our multi tool attachments, making it easy to switch quickly between projects.

Available Attachments*

Hedge Trimmer

22″ Hedge trimmer with 4″ or 33″ shaft for hard to reach trimming.

Pole Saw 43" Boom

43″ Pole saw provides extended reach when pruning limbs and branches.


The shaft extension provides an extra reach of almost 32″.


Ideal for lawn edges and hard to reach areas of long grass.

*All available attachments are sold separately.