Model EBZ6500RH 
Displacement (cc) 65.6
Power Output (kw) 2.83
Air Speed (km/h) 373
Air Volume (m3/h) 1073
Dry Weight (kg) 10.2
Type Back Pack
Warranty - Commercial/Domestic 2 Year/5 Year

* Continuous dedication to improve products requires that specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

EBZ6500RH Backpack Blower

A lightweight backpack blower designed for commercial use. With a 2.83 kilowatt engine and 373 km/h air speed, this machine has the air volume to move heavy debris and the speed to lift wet leaves and compacted sand. For added comfort and convenience, the EBZ6500RH is designed with a tube mounted throttle. The Strato-Charged engine reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% while providing more torque over a wider RPM range.